Coming soon… V: Anthology of Poetry

The anthology will feature work by:

Dania Ayah Alkhouli a.k.a. Lady Narrator, Kitty Anarchy, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Brian Robert Flynn, John Grey, Brian Harman, Curtis Hayes, Donna Hilbert, LeAnne Hunt, Tamara Madison, Betsy Mars, Kathryn McMurray, Aldo Moreno, Holly Pelesky, Natalie L. Peterkin, Wendy Rainey, Kevin Ridgeway, A.E. Sadeghipour, Joan Jobe Smith, Kareem Tayyar, Thomas R. Thomas, Sarah Thursday, K. Andrew Turner, Aruni Wijesinghe, and Terry Ann Wright.

Coming February 2019.