Suddenly, All Hell Broke Loose!!! by Brian Harman

The title of Brian Harman’s amazing-a’blazing collection of poetry from Picture Show Press, SUDDENLY, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!, is a literary veracity—not a hyperbole. Harman’s exuberant streams of consciousness jam-packed with iconoclastic vibes and jibes, his been-to-hellzapoppin-and-back grit-and-wit displays of cognitive content steam-heats every page. Brian Harman’s an emboldened, bountiful Bukowski on a voracious-veracious bender. An undaunted Dante, he can create, as proven in his poem “#FoodPorn,” fired-up parataxis excitations hot enough to scorch Satan’s bacon. After all, Brian rhymes with fryin’. —Joan Jobe Smith, Moonglow Á Go-Go: New and Selected Poems; Buy now.