Author: Cindy rinne

rinne_the_feather_ladderCindy Rinne creates fiber art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. Represented Poet by Lark Gallery, LA, CA. A Pushcart nominee, her poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies, art exhibits, and dance performances. Cindy is the author of several books: Words Become Ashes: An Offering (Bamboo Dart Press), Today in the Forest with Toti O’Brien (Moonrise Press), silence between drumbeats (Four Feathers Press), Knife Me Split Memories (Cholla Needles Press), Letters Under Rock with Bory Thach (Elyssar Press), and others. Her poetry appeared or is forthcoming in: The Closed Eye Open, Wild Roof Journal, Thimble Literary Magazine, Verse-Virtual, and elsewhere. Find out more about Cindy at

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